Virtual Advertising
Virtual Advertising

Virtual Advertising and Video Marketing Services through the use of Internet Video Ads, iVo Technology

iVo Technology stands for internet video overlay it is a online video marketing service that website owners use to promote products or direct viewers to a certain area on the site.

An iVo will captivate visitors, allow you to deliver a powerful message, and ultimately increase site conversions. iVoTize utilizes iVo Technology to present a video spokesperson in front of existing websites. Imagine you walking out over top your website and delivering your custom message. iVoTize is allowing companies to trial the iVo technology for 30 days. A very powerful concept for a business owner looking to get ahead.

Video Spokesperson technology IVO technology allows website owners to deliver web video over their website. iVo layers over top a website and is very easy to implement.

iVo Technology is now and will be the future of internet advertising. iVoTize your website with custom video ads using a video spokesperson. Your internet marketing is crucial to your business success, and Video advertising like iVo allows you to create that instant personal connection needed when a internet visitor lands on your website. Virtual Advertising with online web video does something that sets a website apart. iVo Technology seems to be exactly what website owners are looking for. It communicates their message in such a dynamic and personal way! Virtual Advertising with iVo Technology. Can you imagine the results with virtual spokesperson.

Add an Online Virtual Spokesperson to your Website

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